NYC Post!

Hey guys! Had an amazing first day at NYC! Shopped at Henri Bendel, great things there! I spent an obscene amount of money! But it was WORTH it!

Henri Bendel. A classic boutique full of delicious fashions, perfumes and beauty products. In fact if I were a shop? I would be Henri Bendel! This four-story building exudes the atmosphere of an exclusive boutique. I felt I had found heaven.


I ended up spending nearly $300 in the head band section, which granted isn’t a lot of money but I got a lot out of it! See below a list of the items I bought!




More importantly this is a speciality store selling luxury. Designer jewellery, fashion accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and gifts and is aimed at women. In there you will see true Upper East Siders and how they shop. We are talking about a store whose owner back in the 1800’s was the first store to bring COCO Chanel to America! They certainly have a long tradition of introducing and supplying big designer names.

They also sell a great selection of perfumes all made by Henri Bendel. In fact ILLUMINUM WHITE GARDENIA PETALS VAPORIZOR Is what Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day! It’s $150 a bottle which is a bargain to own a piece of royalty!



My other favourite area though just HAD to be the gift section!  I bought the CUTEST umbrella which actually cost me $78 which in conversion was £48. To me, that is a lot for a brolly, but I loved it so. To quote confessions of a shopaholic  “Cost and worth” they are two separate things!

They have a wide selection of accessories from make-up bags to compacts everything to keep the it girl on top! You will notice the main design is brown and white stripes as this is their signature design, which they continue to tweak every season for new gifts.

They also carry their own handbag designs! Gorgeous Leather and canvass totes, clutches and purses starting from $100


It’s a lovely shop with some beautiful products but be wary of the ground floor beauty. This area is filled with sales reps, this is where they have young men and women trying to make you but make-up and styling products. While that is no problem as they are only doing their jobs do NOT feel pressured into buying. DON’T let this happen. Remember it is their job to make you buy but you are not obligated. Even if they do a full make over you are not obligated to buy. They are all very nice men and women and it can be hard to sat no to them but if you decided you don’t want it then that’s okay! But if you are interested in their make-up they carry such names as  NARS, Laura Mercier, BeneFit, Perfekt and Mally.

The home department is also very good! I just love the Scented candles, they have such tempting aromas such as Hampton Privet, Cinnamon Bark, Honeyed Fig, Lemon Verbena!

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To find your UK store I’m afraid they only exist in Harrods!


I do hope this has been helpful. And if you do wish to purchase anything here please do so here:


Where you can purchase on-line or find your nearest store!




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