Real women EAT!

Hey everyone!


I have recently found this amazing tumbler page! –


Some fool made a Facebook page Naming and shaming women for eating in public? What the hell? and what this amazing Tumblerite has done has fought back posting pics and getting other to post pics of themselves enjoying food!


A woman eating is NOT shameful? what the hell are we in some bizzaro world? When will the objectification of women End? We should be encouraging women to be happy and be comfortable, not dictating when and where they can enjoy food!!

It is a sad fact that many women, even myself who talks about equality and being proud of who you are gets bogged down by society’s pressures. Airbrushed models of Page 3 with their “Perfect Bodies” Gives us something we will NEVER get! Women in media are continuously labelled fat at a size 12!


The truth is no woman can be like those models because they do not exist. The editors photo shop to lengthen their necks, legs and arms as well as being airbrushed so they look flawless. This gives young men unrealistic expectations of what a woman looks like. It also gives girls such blows to their confidence, it conditions us to expect the impossible from the opposite sex.

Even airbrushed models of men are damaging to the confidence of men and women’s expectations. Women are expecting an airbrushed Adonis instead of the reality of men’s bodies. We are all different and when people stop labelling that as wrong, we will have at least some bit of peace and be able to educate our children in the respect they should be giving the opposite sex, and if media can reflect reality, I think we will be truly on the road to accepting each other for who we are.

And with picture of such women as Meryl Streep [LOVE her!] Beyonce and other amazing women from all over I have to say it’s inspiring to see so many women hitting back at this ludicrous blast at women!

Here are my faves from this blog:


tumblr_ma5qljZXo31rbfpt1o1_500   tumblr_mk3gs4VB6y1rwud71o1_500 tumblr_mnb0ukYS0m1s930s7o1_500tumblr_mnxlb3pLik1rl9i10o1_500



tumblr_moddb96AyU1ssetf8o1_500 tumblr_myad893a4r1sm0zp2o3_500 tumblr_n1v70b5x4M1rb528ko2_500 tumblr_n2assd7Hyl1sfel3ho1_500 tumblr_n2ifgjuMGj1sean81o1_500 tumblr_n2kz0fBA6J1r1fdh5o1_400tumblr_n2jmwdxde91tvmlolo1_500tumblr_n10g008xUx1qbrawqo1_500

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