Make up your own!

Well good morning funky frugalers!!


It’s Friday, Good Friday in point of fact which makes me oh so happy!

When you are choosing your make-up you need to test it on your actual face. The back of your hand will not do as the tone is different.

I am very pale, almost alabaster! So I need to test foundation on my jaw line so I can see this tone near my neck. The worst look is an orange face and white neck!

Somehow some girls think this looks good! Ladies get out the wet wipes and start again! Better no make up than bad make-up.

Here is a little run down of make-up faves that I recommend:


Colour supplement from Lush Cosmetics! Just add a bit of the pigment to face cream and voilà! Nourished even skin.


Max factor Creme Puff,- smells lovely and great for taking the shine down!


Get BOLD brows with Perfekt Eyebrow Gel


NARS Contour Pallet perfect for bringing out those cheekbones. remember to not put the shade too low down or you bring your whole face down.

And then just Brush the apples with NARS Gilda, Coral colour beautiful! 


Now comes  the Defining moment. The lipstick! My choice has to be Coco Chanel Coco Shine in Fiction! I love Chanel, Just the rose Scented cosmetics is enough to drive me wild!




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