Spot ON Saturday!

Do you get breakouts on your nose, chin or back? Where you get spots could be the key to curing them…

So, you have had a break out. What next? Let’s Journey through that Face to find the cure to your breakout! But first think about whether you’ve changed your skincare or make up products recently.

Cosmetics can clog up the pores, eliminate the product, and eliminate the problem! Is it just blackheads and small bumps? Try making changes in your face creams.

The best thing to use on your skin is Simple Soap. My mother swears buy it, it was even recommended by her doctor!

Chinese medicine says that every part of your face can tell you how every organ in your body is doing. If your breakouts aren’t too frequent it could just mean your hormones are playing up.



What Spots On Your Forehead Mean

The Experts say: this tells us how well your body is eliminating toxins. “The top part is related to the bladder, the middle is digestion and the lower part, which runs between your eyebrows, is related to your liver so you’ll often get spots here right after party season!

On eyebrows or temples can indicate stress, so as hard as it may be its best to get some exercise as this alleviates it.


What Spots Round Your Mouth Mean:

If the spots are tiny and it looks all red and Lumpy it could be a sign of perioral dermatitis. It’s very common and there is no known cause, just illuminate all products for a short time. Bin all sponges and brushes and purchase new. Let your skin breath before re applying and you could even use simply soap as it does dry out and disinfect the area.



 What Spots on Your Nose & Cheeks Mean

Try cutting out Drinking alcohol, spicy food and caffeine for a while. These things can cause inflammation, Try sweet and sour foods, fresh home-made meals; Non-alcoholic cocktails- Keep sober and save money- and herbal teas! I love Teapigs, great taste, so many flavours of tea! They even have a chocolate tea!



What Spots On Your Chin Mean

This was actually weird to find out about! Your chin and upper lip are linked the menstrual cycle! In fact you can even guess which ovary is ovulating by where the spot is left or right! Weird right? Certain brands of contraceptive pill can help reduce outbreaks here, but please DOUBLE CHECK with your doctor what pill you can take.



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