Fashion Revolution day!


One year ago, there was a building collapse at a Bangladeshi clothing factory killing over a thousand people.The worlds first Fashion Revolution is asking us to look at our fashions and ask “Who made this?” Who are the hands that crafted this item I take for granted?

Fashion is a part of each one of us, reflects our culture, where we are from, our tastes, our beauty. Most importantly fashion is inclusive of everyone, One size TRULY fits all. It is truly a diverse creature, shaping our lives and style even if you don’t realise it. It’s your outlet to create, make a statement about yourself.


But there is a darker side to fashion. It has a long history of harm, people have been enslaved and even killed all because of our high demand, need and greed. It sounds insane I know, but this is a reality for some of the MILLIONS employed in this world wide industry.

Don’t get me wrong because it is a complicated business as it has provided people with a livings and even improved in other areas in the food industry and even helped upcoming artists and inventors and investing in new tech!


Fashion Revolution Day says ‘enough is enough’. It is about standing up for the workers rights and asks us as wearers and consumers of fashion to really take a look at our clothes an celebrate and appreciate who made them.

This is the protest after the devastation last year at Rana Plaza, where 1138 people died and 2500 were injured. Its fashion standing up against the injustice of slavery and exploitation.

And why did those people die? Because of our insatiable need for cheap, fast fashion which pressurises designers to get products out there thick and fast and they in turn put their workers in terrible conditions, cheap and unsafe.

Fashion Revolution is about releasing pressure on designers as pushers of cheap products and improving standards, working conditions, improving in turn, the quality of product! Lets encourage people to value fashion’s churn over its charm.

Despite some great work being done by some of its leaders, too much fashion remains mired in bad practices.

Today, people from over 50 countries will be turning their tags inside out and asking: ‘Who made my clothes?’.

You can too! Take a look here and join the cause! Be curious, Find out, DO SOMETHING!

Get involved with the Fashion Revolution Day campaign

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