Fashion- One Size: Fits All

Everyday we look in the mirror and what do we see? I guarantee you will not like what you see. Our friends see a beauty and we see a beast. No matter how hard we look all we see is “Fat” “Skinny” even “Ugly”.  We are so self-critical of our appearance that we forget to see the real beauty.

Then we see the Size 0. Or what I call the ‘Pixie’ girls. The Pixie girl is lithe limbed and her cheek bones protruding chiselled and fine. They are beautiful girls, but I have to say as one who has a booty I do find it disheartening to see skinny in favour rather than shapely.

People would argue that the model does not matter they are just hangers for the clothes. But I think this is untrue. I think the Model MAKES the outfit! And a model with curves helps the everyday woman envision how they would look in those fashions.

I have to say I disagree with the term ‘Plus Size’ models. I think they are models full stop, we wouldn’t call size Zero models ‘Minus Size’ . After all you don’t call bigger actresses Plus size they are just actresses.

But now, more and more stores are using what they have branded  healthy models or ‘the average woman’ This is happening more and more with companies such as H&M, ASOS and New Look.

Seeing places such as Debenhams bring out the Size 16 Mannequin which is great for them and us, give me confidence that acceptance of different shapes and sizes will slowly but surely happen. Women can feel more included in regards to size, be able to dress how they want. Women will not be looking at clothes and thinking “If I was skinny, maybe…” or “I’m not that girl, it’s not for me.”

I have always said that fashion is expression. If a skirt speaks your style language wear it! Don’t let media tell you what you should look like. it is YOUR body.

ALSO the stores are going to be doing themselves a big favour with this! Their sales will go up as these women will be able to envision themselves in these fashions better which will lead to more chance of the shops selling that dress.

I for one am very happy that the fashion world are embracing Healthy!

And now a new documentary ‘Perfect 14’ will be following the lives of models trying to make it in an industry with very high standards and different ideas to what beauty is. And these ideas are fuelled by a very narrow-minded media. This documentary produced by Canadian film-makers James Early O’Brien and Giovanna Morales Vargas, gives us a look at what these women face everyday. The judgements, and how women with curves are treated in the fashion industry.


 Please do let me know your thoughts on the subject!







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