Scrubbing up Nicely!

Hey guys!

How about some nice clean fun? Here is a little post to help you save money on Fancy body products! Why do you have to but THE most expensive when the best and natural might be in your kitchen?

The beauty of making your own beauty products is that you know what went into them.

Here is my first recipe to shiny healthy skin!


Take your Kitchen variety Salt or sugar. You can use sea salt but don’t have too big granules as that can tear your skin! [Ouch!]

If you have sensitive skin like me try brown sugar. Now you need to pick and oil. Pick something you will like the feel of! Coconut is good and also I love the extra virgin olive oil as olives are very good for the skin.

Place 1 part oil two parts sugar/Salt.

Now don’t worry if the mixture separates this will happen no matter what just stir before use. It also might be nice to use a few drops of essential oil of whatever you like! For example I love Oranges and Jasmine or Sandalwood and Rose scents. A couple of drops of your fave scents will work a treat!

TIP: When you use, do it BEFORE getting in the bath, on dry skin. Use a tablespoon full and using a loofah massage into your skin gently concentrating on elbows, knees, heels and ankles.

I would take a quick shower off before you bathe, and in your bath if you want to be a total Princess about it, do it Cleopatra style and add milk to your bath! I also add a little honey and rose water as it smells BEA-utiful! Sure enough after this? You’ll be good enough to EAT!xxx



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