Funky Eats- NYC Edition

NYC is such a melting pot! From the ultra rich Upper eastsiders in Henry Bendels to the bag ladies and street preachers. There are so many things to do and places to eat!


It’s important you stay away from the tourist traps unless it’s a place you really wanna go.  But here are my run downs of different places to go in NYC from Popular to secret eats!


Ritz Diner -1133 1st Ave, New York, NY 10065,

A great little Diner on first Ave which sells all delights including pancakes, greek food, sandwiches even floats! My first night I had a root beer float which was AMAZEBALLS!

I went in for pancakes and brekkie stuff which was nice, I MUST recommend that you ask for the strawberry pancakes with whipped cream! Delish!

The Interior was nice, a real 1950’S style Diner you really feel like a New Yorker! I promise here you will not leave hungry!







Alice’s Teacup 102 W 73rd St


Very whimsical you will find meals catered for the mad hatter in you! They have a great sandwich selection [I recommend the salmon on pumpernickel] as well as teas from around the globe and a few of their own blends. I originally ordered the Peach Ice Tea but was upset when i realised it was not sweet at all ask for loads of sugar! The English breakfast tea is nice though. I would recommend trying the platters. You get a sandwich and various cakes and biscuits to snack on.

Alice in wonderland quotes painted on the walls!



Serendipity 3 –225 E 60th St

Officially my new fave place! This cafe is famous in NYC and has served many famous clients. In fact one funny story: a woman was asking if there where any tables left to reserve. The server said yes what name would you like to reserve under? “Oh no” said the customer. After repeating the question 4 times and getting exasperated the manager turned around to look at the woman, and the woman behind HER was Yoko Ono! The whole time it was her assistant making the reservation!

It is a quaint and quiet place filled with Tiffany lamps and all sorts of chic, quixotic and eccentric decorations!

The food was amazing I had the young chicken sandwich, to die for! It was heaped  onto beautifully toasted Irish Soda bread!

Now this place is famous for its Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate! this cafe and that hot chocolate has featured in many a film:

John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale enjoying a Frozen Hot chocolate in the movie Serendipity. Here’s Me enjoying mine, but think they got bigger since the 90’s!

It truly is a magnificent place, the even had a job opening when I was there [was so tempted]. Could you Imagine working in such a beautiful place? Out of all the places in NYC THIS was my absolute fave! Its located on the upper east side. Tell the cabbie:  225 E 60th St

Also make reservations before hand to ensure a table!












Bubba Gump Shrimp – 1501 Broadway,

If you want to see Forrest run get to this joint! Very Touristy but VERY good service. If you want to get a servers attention you have a little flip chart. One says run Forrest run which means you don’t need anything, stop Forrest stop means you are ready to order/need more drinks. The place is filled with movie memorabilia such as Forrest’s Leg braces, Football uniform and other costumes from other characters.

The drinks where amazing I had a fruit slushy it was very much like a sherbet? You also get to keep the flashing cup! Cute! It was really nice and my main meal I had the Shrimp New Orleans which was lovely! And don’t worry if you don’t like fish they also do burgers and chicken!


Shrimp New Orleans


Butter- 70 W 45th St [Midtown]

Big fan of the Iron Chef? Or maybe you are a foodie into fine dining? Or maybe you are a big fan of Gossip Girl and want to see how upper east siders do lunch? Then Butter is the place for you! Opulent surroundings and lovely food that comes with a large price tag… And a Large tip. Seriously was nice but this place had waiters with the nerve to ask for more tip! I can’t remember how much we tipped but it was more than adequate for a tip. So beware those  places who have the cheek to ask for more than what is right.

But I have to say the food was fab I really enjoyed it and the designer surroundings! I felt very much like Blair Waldorf!!

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