The knightley news!

Well hello funky frugalers! I am currently sitting reading Elle, watching stepmom and drinking Moët ( Yes, I am a multitasking goddess ) and after googling snowblowing as I never bothered to find out what it was, and Believe me my mind would have been more innocent without the knowledge!x

But hey anyway flipping through Elle and I see ms Keira Knightly looking amazing! I have to say I love these photos, the behind the scene candid’s, her smile is amazing! So inviting! Se has a great grin a ture dazzler! She is truly fab though, a British belter!

These I have to say are my fave pics from the shoot!



I love the hair style above, she looks v Audrey Hepburn especially with the dark natural brows. She is a very natural beauty.


SO cool and classy! I love the sparkle and wool contrast, it gives the look  more edge. Now here in my version!

Spectacular Sparkle DressFCUK

blue sparkle dress-royal blue and silver embellished dressQuiz

white wool coat-white collarless coatBHS

white wool coat-white textured city coat-BHS



Yellow is a great colour this summer. As I mentioned in my previous post, Canary Yellow is for sure the colour to look out for,

This embellished dress looks amazing on Ms Knightley.

She Cloth

Motel Miley PU Collar Dress in Citrus Yellow –Motel Miley



I especially love this from D&G! Owls are in (again) I simply LOVE the decadence of Brocade and incorporate it in my outfits when suited.

If you have ever heard of Irregular choice shoes, they do a lovely selection of Brocade style with glass like heel. Cinderella anyone?

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