There’s Snow Limit!

Hello Funky Fugalers!


Welcome to the Sunday Supplement! Today I am excited to be talking about an upcoming designer from the UK!!  Amber Louise Snow has wowed Nottingham with her fresh designs.

Bright tribal looks that are simply dazzling to the eye! Anyone reminded of the hit TV show The Tribe?


This Kinda took me back when I saw these pictures! Young and fresh, very 90’s Futuristic and V Chic! The look is ready to wear couture, comprising of playful designs, light colours, like candy you can wear followed by solid blues like sapphire which follows the couture standard.

Take a look at the picture below! Playful pastel and geometric prints that catch the light so beautifully.

Page 24 and 25 A3

Her creativity stems from her mother. In a report by the Nottingham Post she tells of how she remembers her mother who was a train driver for the London underground, that she loved nothing better than being creative, making ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Page 20 A4

Amber-Louise as well as being a fashion student has been making these beauties in her spare time and now has plans to take her couture line to NYC! Perfect place to kick-start your career as a fashion designer! But she has said she still wants to be known as a Nottingham fashion designer as that’s where the passion for fashion started.


She continues working as a freelance couture designer which she has been doing for three years as well as studying.


“I’ve always been interested in the couture side of fashion. I’m really into unique fabrics and stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily use on a garment, such as plastic.”

“Couture is such a refined way of working. It’s very time-consuming because each piece is so individual and intricate. That’s why I wanted to make this collection.”


She also stated she is looking forward to visiting New York, but when she gets back her next step is to open her own studio, and then hopefully open a Shop. And in this trade which is ever declining it would be great to see Amber-Louise breath life back into it!

“I’d definitely think about having it in Nottingham as I always love coming back.”

“The people here are casual about fashion but don’t know how amazing they look. If you just sit in Old Market Square and people watch you can see so many girls and boys walking past in really quirky outfits.”

Well Amber as a faithful follower of the quirky I salute you! Wishing you every success in your venture! When you open that shop, Expect a visit from me!


Keep it Funky, Keep it Frugal!



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2 thoughts on “There’s Snow Limit!

  1. I’ve just found this last night, it’s so sweet. Thankyou so much for your kind words and support and I’ll be sure to feature you on my Instagram and website! Thankyou! ♡

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