Technology meets beauty in this hair raising edition of Funky Frugal!

Ever wanted to dye your hair for a night but not had time to go to the Salon?

Well that may be easier than you think! Check out these straighteners that change the colour of your hair instantly!

This hair-straightener can change your hair colour at the touch of a button

These hair colour straighteners will change your hair colour in seconds (Picture: University of New Mexico)

Los Alamos National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico have been working to make it possible for you to colour your hair without using a hair dye! Its been 5 years and uses focused ion beam technology to etch patterns onto each strand of hair. All very technical but all so amazing!! it basically reflects light that makes your hair appear to change colour!


You can change your hair, try different colours even make your own hair shade! Imagine, bespoke hair colour, pretty cool! It can be permanent or semi permanent but they are also developing a wash out version.


When this comes out I will be first in line to get a pair! I wanna get this for sure:



I wonder how much a set of these will set me back? £1000’s I imagine! I can imagine the first to sell these will be the boutiques like Henri Bendel’s and Harrods.



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One thought on “Technology meets beauty in this hair raising edition of Funky Frugal!

  1. OMG! This is amazing. I want one!

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