Kelly’s Clobber

Was anyone else excited for the Kelly Osbourne line launch? Kelly, the progeny of rock deities Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne unveiled 13 looks today. The same day she launches a Web site named ‘Stories’ where fans are welcome to share photos and stories about how and where they wore her designs, prices range from $55 to $170, and will soon be coming to the uk.


Photo credit Kelly osbourne, Instagram

Kelly says: “I believe that every time you wear something, you have a story of where you wore it, whether it be good or bad,” said Osbourne at the Los Angeles office of Jupi Corp, her  manufacturing partner.

She is right as we all have these funny emotional attachments to our clothing I still can’t bring myself to get rid if the dress I wore on my first ever night out, or my prom dress.

I do love your idea Kelly! Share the fashion, share the look.


Photo credit Kelly osbourne, Instagram

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