Fuck Yeah Babes Eating In Public: A Blog About Eating Because Eating is Important

Love this Blog!! If I want to eat a slice of pizza or a hot dog on the tube, outside the cafe or in the middle of town hall? Fuck yeah I WILL!!! I’m a person not a fucking thing!

Smokin' Tofu

Let’s just get one thing really fucking clear: the Facebook group that posts candid snaps of women eating on the tube is fucking bullshit. At the time of writing, Women Who Eat on Tubes has over 14,000 fans. Over 14000. When I first heard about this insipid corner of the internet, the group had around 5000 followers. Since then – less than a month – their numbers have almost trebled. This blows my fragile, booze-addled mind: their numbers have trebled. Why are 14000 people into this shit?

There are worse groups on the internet than a collective that posts covert snaps of women eating in public. No one is going to lose their job, their business, or their family over a covert image of themselves eating a pasty on the Victoria line. I know that, that’s a fucking given.

tumblr_n344iuoD0I1tvmlolo1_1280 Charlotte of Black Heart Creatives chowing down on a big ol’ burger.

Despite that, Women…

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