None of your bees wax!

Hey, you looking for a new face cream? Maybe something that is kind to the skin, nourishing and smells great?

You have to try Derma v 10. A Lancashire based company,

Derma v 10 website

They asked funky frugal a few of months ago to try their product and it has gone through vigorous testing. I have taken this product and used it in the most drastic areas.
From the polluted pavements of the New York streets, the humid rainy days in the North of England to the harsh heat of the Nevada desert, this face cream is a god send.


The cream is nourishing in the harshest conditions and I found was a great hydrator after countless hours on the plane.

Okay so first time I used this and the hand cream they kindly sent was in NYC. As you can imagine, an amazing city! But full of pollution.

I use the face cream in the morning as a base for makeup and a blocker of any nasty things in the atmosphere. It kept my skin blocked from any harmful fumes. Also it was rather cold, so the frosty air even though nipping at the skin kept my face calm,no horrible itchy red face from the biting cold.


Me at oneils bar from sex and the city, cheers Derma v10!

After this I went to the Creamfields festival. I must say this was great for keeping my face fresh and nourished. And with the built in spf15 I found it helped blocked harmful rays.

Thanks for keeping my skin fresh in the mud and grime!

Okay next in the list, Las Vegas. In this desert heat I found layering on the face cream at night was best. I covered my entire face and neck and paid attention to my forehead and cheekbones. With the dry heat I found this kept my skin balanced.

My skin was lush even in the dusty heat.

This really is a great product and another great thing about it, is it’s also affordable! They have built a reputation of providing beauty on a budget.

Check out the website for more info.

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