Breakfast raves, a funky way to start the day! Picture credit: Karen Robinson

Dancers get in the groove while Guido Spannocchi plays saxophone, at the Morning Gloryville rave in Bethnal Green, London.


In an east London warehouse, a DJ is pumping out some mad beats, while 800 clubbers rave. But this is not a nightclub. As this is 7 am in the morning. How would you like to have that for breakfast?

This is Morning Gloryville, a breakfast Raving club is the new way some start their day. Many will go from here and go to work.

Founder, Samantha Moyo, 28 says inspiration was her clubbing days “I was having the time of my life, partying loads, drinking lots and taking drugs, and it got to a point where it was unsustainable. Then I started meditating and slowing down, but I couldn’t find places where I could have fun and be myself without the alcohol. There weren’t any sober parties.”


It has begun the sweep the nation inspiring parties everywhere, Moyo never expected to reach such epic proportions.

One raver talked about his alarm going off at 5 am and thinking this was a bad idea, I mean I would too being a big lover of sleep.

“But once you come in and you start dancing, you don’t think about anything – you just go along with it. It’s a better way to start the day than sitting on a bus reading a newspaper, being antisocial and immobile.”

Now don’t worry it’s not the crazy drug and alcohol raves of the nineties. Here you’ll find people sipping smoothies and eating croissants and even yoga in the corner. There are even a few small children running around, brought by their parents.

saxophonist Guido Spannocchi, 32. Said “As a performer at festivals I sometimes miss playing to people who are sober so they can really appreciate the music. If they are hammered, they enjoy anything. But when you make sober people dance, it really means something,” and its noted that most of the audience are Professionals, bankers, lawyers nurses etc people who would have been major ravers of the nineties and are even joined by toddlers and OAP’s.


I may not be a morning person, but I wouldn’t mind giving this a go!!

Have you been to a morning rave? Send me any pics and we will post the.

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