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Hey guys!

Check out Pvris new album comes out today.

Watch the video

And check out the interview:

Q. For those who aren’t aware, introduce yourselves & what you do in PVRIS?

– PVRIS is Lyndsey Gunnulfsen (vocals/guitar/keys), Alex Babinski (guitar/keys) and Brian MacDonald (bass/keys).

Q. How did the band form?

– We originally started out as a previous band entering the studio to record an EP and we came out an entirely new band.

Q. Your name used to be Paris, why the sudden change to PVRIS?

– Over the summer we ran into some copyright/legal issues with the name “Paris”, however, we’d already established a decent following so we didn’t want to stray from the name, so we had to think of ways to alter the spelling of the name. We tried punctuation marks, accent marks, etc. but nothing got approved so we decided to change the “A” into a “V” to act as an “upside down A”.

Q. You released your debut EP, what was the writing/recording process for that?

– We did indeed. The writing process was a little different for every song, some songs were written full band, some fully written by myself, some written in the studio and some as a small idea I had that I brought to the rest of the band to polish off. The process is always changing but the music is always the first focus.

Q. How has the reception been since it’s release?

– So much more than we ever thought it would be. Since it was self released, we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t anticipate this much of a buzz that it’s gained.

Q. You’ve recently been in the studio with Blake of VERSA, recording your debut album, what was it like working with him?

– It was a blast! Blake is incredibly fun, weird and talented.
Q. How long did you spend in the studio recording?

– We spent about a month and a half down in Florida recording.

Q. How was the writing process different to previous material?

– The writing process for this record was totally different and out of our comfort zone from anything we’d done before. It was absolutely a huge learning experience and I think I’ve grown a lot as a song writer from it. Before going into the studio, I had around over thirty song ideas programmed on my computer and had absolutely no idea which ones we would end up using on the record. One half of the songs were more straight forward and rock-based, while the other half was incredibly weird and consisted of a lot of programming with a much more pop-based vibe. We were actually pretty concerned with what type of direction to take with the record because of the huge contrast in the overall vibe of the songs.

When we were going through and deciding on the songs we wanted on the record, believe it or not, most of the songs we chose were actually the songs we least expected to would put on the record. We also managed to give them the perfect blend of rock and pop, something I truly don’t think has been done yet. Blake reeeeeally helped push our creativity and taught us to have 100% confidence in our ideas and anything we create and that’s something we’ll absolutely carry with us for the rest of our time making music.

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