The smart dressed man

It’s really important to narrow down the essentials in your wardrobe. Now when I say essential I MEAN essential. So may bloggers throw that word around like its going out of fashion. It leaves newbies, starting their wardrobe confused as so many styles and trends are labeled “essential”

But here let’s cut through the bull and give you a true list of essential wardrobe pieces the men should take note of.

1. A White Oxford Cloth Shirt
So versatile it’s crazy. This is very easy to dress up with formal trousers and blazer but can work just as well with a pair of jeans.


2. Slim Dark Jeans
We said Skinny. This is so they can be dressed up or down. They look great with a blazer and with lace ups or loafers.
You need to get the right fit, a tailored look. Try on as many pairs as you can and then get the best pair tailored to perfection.
Remember to shop around for QUALITY denim is generally much better and will help them last years.


3. A Dark Solid Tie
Simple and neutral. This is what you you need, it will go with all the suits, jumpers and shirts you have. Navy, grey or black are ideal. Like the jeans keep it slim but not skinny, and try not to go more than 3″ at its widest point.
Also opt for one with texture a wool or silk mix will be nice.




4. A Navy Blazer
Not everyone has the budget for a whole suit and at Funky Frugal we are all about discount and style on a budget. And it would be best to spend the money on an epic blazer rather than a so-so suit.



The fabric should be dark enough that it can be worn on nights out and be thrown on last min as an instant smarter upper.

5. A Grey Crew neck top

Well isn’t it obvs? Because grey goes with everything. It’s a no brainier really. A crew neck also flatters nearly every face shape.


Looks great paired with the dark jeans and vans.

6. Vans or Van tennis shoes

Keep them clean and wear on that lazy Sunday. Can’t go wrong.


7. slim neutral chinos
Beige, camel or maybe an olive would look great. You can always opt for grey or brown they will look just as hot.





Personally I love a mustard colour looks great again with the grey top also reds and oranges. Very fall. I dunno what it is but I love a guy in Chinos!

8. A black v neck

An instant classic. Elegant menswear.
One of the easiest and most elegant looks for a man to pull off is a pair of formal trousers, a white shirt and black v-neck jumper works great with layering under a suit and just casual with the slim jeans.



9. A grey suit
A medium grey suit is best, it can also be split, as just a blazer or an extra pair of suit pants. A great piece for a wedding, funeral or the club.



10. Black lace up shoes

Great with the suit and with the chinos, smartens up your look.



With these top 10 items you should be able to put together stylish outfits and comfy casuals whilst making the most of your wardrobe.

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