Prisoners- the movie of the week

Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman, Jake gyllanhall, Paul Dano, Maria Bello and Terrance Howard. What can I say? Truly at the edge of my seat! When two little girls are kidnapped and the only link is a young man named Alex [Paul Dano] with the IQ of a 10 year old, the girls Father’s Keller [Hugh Jackman] and Franklin [Terrance Howard] set out to find them.


Keller goes as far as to kidnap the young man and torture him to find out where the girls are. the main cop Detective Loki is a great addition to this cast playing a cool and quite dark character.


Prisoners, suspenseful and totally disturbing. Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, whose last film was the equally amazing, builds up the tension from the very first scene . It has been written by Aaron Guzikowski’s, who has written it like an everyday child kidnapping thriller, but this does not follow Hollywood trends with predictable endings leaving it open and a little eerie. The story itself poses serious moral issues: How far do you go? What would you do? I think anyone would kill for their child, but watching this does put small doubts in your head as to whether Keller is right.

I urge you to watch this film if you haven’t already.

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