Women at work

Once upon a time a woman went to work and earned money. She worked the same hours and duties as her male colleagues and was paid the same wage.

Doesn’t sound like a fairy tale? Well it should. Men and women paid equally? Not on your nelly!

“Women are the majority of the workforce at entry-level but still lose out on top positions and top pay. The time has come to tackle this situation more systemically.”- Anne Fancke


Let’s be honest most of us would not think this pay gap exists. It’s the 21st century for goodness sake! But not only is this still in existence but the gap is widening. The current gender gap is at 19.1%, it rose for the first time in five years. But Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women and Equalities, said the government had improved prospects for working women.

Question is, how can this be when according to survey, most women have reported that they are actually worse off and in most cases working zero hour contracts? And worse still, nearly one in 10 had taken out a loan from a pay-day lender in the past year. A new report hast stated that more than 820,000 more women have been MOVED into low paid and insecure roles since the recession in 2008.

As a country we are at the bottom of the table with base salaries for entry-level professionals and experienced administrators in Britain averages just £24,184 – ranking it 15th out of the 16 European nations The truth of the matter is you can have the same skills, same job, even do it to a better degree and men will always get paid more. And in some cases have a higher chance of getting employed. In fact one twitter poster heard this and tweeted live the alleged sexist remarks being made by executives at IBM:

Lyndsay @HisFeministMama

Apparently IBM doesn’t like hiring young women because they are ‘just going to get themselves pregnant again and again and again’.

6:42 PM – 21 Jul 2014

You’re a  manager you say? This doesn’t affect you? Think again! Male managers’ average extra payments were £6,442 last year compared with £3,029 for women. In fact the rate of women being board members and directors is declining also.

The chief executive of the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Ann Francke, said: “Despite genuine efforts to get more women onto boards, it’s disappointing to find that not only has progress stalled, but women are also losing ground at senior levels.”

She went on to say the rate of pay for these roles where almost halved ! Its study, of 43,000 managers, showed that men would earn £141,000 more in bonuses over a lifetime. At more senior levels, the pay gap for both basic pay and bonuses, increased. Women directors’ average bonus is £36,270, while men receive £63,700.

A woman would have to work 14 years more than a man just to match what he earns.

Women and men should be paid on the basis of their performance, not because of their sex. This is clearly not yet the case for far too many. It’s not right that women would have to work until almost 80 for the same pay rewards as men.


“We have to stamp out cultures that excuse this as the result of time out for motherhood and tackle gender bias in pay policies that put too much emphasis on time served.” – Ann Francke





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