The bookish type

As kids we loved to read stories that spoke to us. Helped us with the growing pains and embarrassing bull crap parents used to lay on us.

So before the teacher calls recess let’s take a look at the top 5 books that got us through our tough days.

5. Jaquline Wilson


Tracy Beaker and other stories about the pains of being a mid understood teens resonates even now

4. Harry Potter


Oh my it’s been a long time since this first graced the bookshelves. 1997 to be exact. The story of a young boy who’s family are unfair, cruel and then he finds he is really a special boy who is much loved by many. Yeah as a teen I can imagine how many identified with this.

3. Flour Babies


Oh my gosh. We had almost forgotten reading this. The story of a boy dealing with abandonment issues by his own father learns the importance of father hood and many other lessons.

2. Point horror series


Omg. We recently found a whole stack of these in the wardrobe! Remember the weird and sick creepy tales they held? We’re moving for a revival of the point series!

1. The tv accompany books




You loved the to show and couldn’t get enough! From buffy the vampire slayer to sweet valley high, tv fiction was at its high point in the nineties! Anyone own any of these beauties? They really where for the die hard fans!

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