Beauty hacks!

As a beauty enthusiast I have made it my mission to discover as many beauty hacks and shortcuts to cut my morning routine.

So here we go, I’m gonna share what I know. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘why would you give this info away?” The heads and tails of it is that the pros have been keeping these secrets for too long and it’s about time we had insider info! Too long to we strain to get a flawless look and take great pains to take our art to the next level when pros take but seconds to get these results.

For example lashes. We take forever tying to curl them. But if you take your curlers and run them under warm not hot water you achieve a more longer, bigger curl.


Kohl Eyeliner can be made into a gel liner by just heating the kohl for 1 second and letting it cool for about a minuet. Perfect lines.

Oh Cleo, you really are a pain In The asp!

Want a deeper Cupid’s bow? Make an X on your lips from the left peak to right bottom of top lip and right peak to the bottom left of top lip then fill in the colour in the lip itself. It creates a more defined look. Also take the end of your lip pencil or the lid and using that to press down into the Cupid bow can make it look deeper.



Cheeks are real easy. For a more contour feature take your contour powder and make a line just under the cheek bone that is in line with the top of your ear to the bottom lip. Highlight the under eye area and and down into the contour and same underneath the contour.


Blush should be applied on the apple as a small round brush technique and then brush up just above the contour line. Thin brightens and opens up the face.

Brows. Now I’m lucky I don’t need to pluck my brows they are a perfect shape. I am what is know as a lucky mother plucker! I use a dark eye shadow applied with a cotton bud to define my brows. This make your features and eyes stand out more.

And those are just SOME of my makeup cheats to achieve a runway finish! Keep checking back for more and soon you will be the makeup queen of your class or work.

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