Workers Revolt!

Mark Two/Tesco kitchens isn’t just robbing its customers, but now its employees. Over 200 people have been told they are without a job and pay just before Christmas.

Mark Two who ran under licence from Tesco’s supplied quality Kitchen and bathroom furniture, white goods and other services for over 28 years. This included a full design and fitting operation.

Mark two has now lost the contract. Tesco approached them in September and gave them six month notice of termination of contract. In November Tesco then came to the table asking for termination with immediate effect.

Mark two has now terminated over 200 contracts with redundancy, leaving people with families no hope for Christmas. On Monday, Emmployees where providede with the RP1 Form from the government.

Questions have arisen in regards to the fact that they are still trading, then surely they have an obligation to pay employees?

From what we can understand the employees feel that they’ve broken the law in relation to unfair dismissal regarding the consultation process and how others were kept on without any assessment process or grounds for appeal.

In regards to the company Mark two home,
They are run by ultra, the director is employed by a dummy company mark 2 home of which he is the only employee. All talks between tesco and mark 2 were carried out by ultras directors who were responsible for the continuation of the business, and the gentleman who spoke on tesco kitchens/Mark Two’s behalf was dave Cullen CEO of ultra group who took responsibility for mark 2 on radio. But when it comes to wages, it seems ultra have washed thier hands of all responsibility.

So what is really going on? Is this legal or should Ultra be paying to its employees?



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