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When picking a blusher you need to know these vital rules.

First of all don’t let someone tell you what you’re doing is wrong. There is no “one way” to apply your blusher. Some like a dolly look, apples only cover, some just do horizontal line just under the cheek bone but above the contour. Me, I like a mix of both of those but sure there are different techniques that will work just as well. It does all depend on your bone structure and what works for you. I mean if you have really prominent cheekbones you don’t want to be placing heavy make up on the hollow of your cheeks. Use common sense.

Start by making a fish face. You see those dips? Those hollow lines you should put one or two strokes of contour to define your face. Also hi lighting the cheekbone and under the contour line brightens your skin and leaves a nice base for the blush.



The colour should always compliment your skin tone. For example if you are pale, baby pink and peach’s are great as they are natural and the same colour of your lips. And if you have very pale skin like alabaster other tones can look too orangey.

Take a look at Christina Hendricks. This is a perfect example of pale skin working with pinks.

For an evening look you might want to try a plum, but it needs to look sheer and translucent. Because you are pale, only dab a little into the hollows of the cheeks as too much will look too harsh.

Pretty in Plum A la Rose McGowan


If you already have a warm tones then you only need a slight blush as you don’t want to drown that warmth and drag your face down. An apricot shade or a suede would be suitable and give you a fresh flirty look.

Blake Lively

For evening try mauve which has purple undertones. This shade is a little more daring and would look great with a lilac shimmer eyeshadow and just plain sheer lips.

kaley cuoco

If your goal is for a fresh face, try something more pink. Now not the same as the pale skin tones as this will do nothing for you! Try a slightly redder shade like raspberry. For this to work you want to work it like a “just come in from the cold” blush to get the maximum effect.


It’s extremely difficult finding the right blush for this skin tone. Orange/peach is a great balance to the green undertones. It’s tempting to go for a light colour as you want to look fresh and fair, but in truth it can end up looking too red and messy. To achieve a a fresher look try a cream in the Orangey peach cause it will look a lot more dewy and sweet.

You may not a fan of her, but she has killer makeup!

Again for pinks go for a rose colour. You may find that your complexion goes a little sallow in the colder months. A nice rose colour will give you a natural flush and bring a nice warmth to your face. It’s great as its a medium blush. Not too dark, not too pale.

Mila the blushing rose!

A bronzer blush is also good. I don’t mean to trench granny to suck eggs here but a bronzer really lifts and enhances your skin. I mean you know you already tan beautifully. Use it on the hollows and the apples to really open your face.


Raisin. This is your God send as your skin really picks up pigment real well! The raisin colour will look rich and beautiful in your cheeks. Always pick the richest shade or your face will just look ruddy.

Gabourey Sidibe, I love this woman! Such a beautiful person inside and out and so down to earth! And she knows how to work those raisin tones!

Brick colour. This shade is warm and bright which is what you need with a dark skin tone. And for the love of Chanel DO NOT go too pale or you will look like you’re ill. Ashy complexion tres tragic!

Bright Orange.

Now I know it looks harsh but on your dark skin it will be the only way to achieve a natural blush. No matter how bright it may seem it will look natural, trust me I know my tones!


Lupita Nyong’o always looks amazing and has been breaking the barriers of fashion and making leaps that it desperately needed. Seriously I have not seen such fashion forward thinking since SJP.

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