Winter wonderings

What is it about winter that makes you want to curl up in bet with a hot drink and close the world off? We all want to hibernate! Which begs the question is it natural to be working these days so late?

Keeping warm is difficult especially when you want to look good. Layering is key and layering is totally a beautiful trend.

If you want to stay warm always wear a scarf and hat. Most of your body heat is lost through the head and neck as this is where your main blood vessels are.


You get up: it’s dark your go home:it’s dark.
Like being a ruddy vampire!
We feel the need to hibernate this time of year it’s natural!

But what if there was something you could do to improve your mood this winter?

Vitamin check

The best ones to take this winter (or any for that matter) are vitamin D and vitamin B complex.

Not enough sun makes you feel gross and bad tempered as well as being essential to your skin and bones making you feel and look great.


As well as being a vitamin needed for great and healthy hair, Vitamin B Complex is essential as a mood booster. It also gives you get up and go making you more energised and improving memory.


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