“I’m not trying to play creepy” – Finn Wittrock Interview

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American Horror story has been around for four seasons and has never seen a character like this.
Recent interviews shed some light on his progress and his character the terrible Dandy.

Finn Wittrock is enjoying a breakout as he joined Ryan Murphy’s world in the role of Dandy the over privileged mummy’s boy. And now the actor is discovering not only a new role but a new culture! He is realising what it means to have such a massive fanbase in a show like AHS a with people dressing like the characters for Halloween, especially his.

Telling us how it happened seemed like it was easy to get the job (for him) as he was just offered it by Ryan Murphy. “It actually happened on the set of “The Normal Heart.” We were in New York and it was really cold. I had just come off “Unbroken,” and I had done this serious weight-loss thing and I had to stay pretty low for this last scene of “The Normal Heart.” Ryan basically just came up to me and said, “Do you want to be in the next season of ‘American Horror Story’? If you do, I’ll just make it happen. I have the greatest idea for you.” Yeah, so it was really that easy. You don’t conceive that those things actually happen and then they just happen to you and your life kind of changes overnight.”

Laughing he said “I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.”

Photo Credit Michael K. Short/FX

He was asked about how he felt playing a “man baby” and still he laughed and told us He (Ryan) basically told him that by sending him the first script.

“He had given me some hints about what was happening, so I got the basic gist, but they were still pretty broad strokes. But I got the first two scripts at once, so I got to really hone in and figure it out. I had a lot of time, but it still keeps surprising me every day.
Besides just me, though, I think the writers are into the character. I think they’re kind of inspired by the character. The writing feels inspired. It feels like they’re excited about it and where he’s going to go, so that’s a contagious feeling.”

He has had some amazing scenes and great memories with the fellow actors.
“I think the first dining room scene with Frances was really, really fun. We were still totally exploring the character and it was very, very new. It was this rich, open ground to do whatever you wanted. All that stuff with me flicking the fork and tapping my feet was all in the moment. It just happened. That kind of spontaneity is what I really crave.”

Photo Credit Michael K. Short/FX

“I feel like I keep kind of digging deeper with each new episode. This was a fun exploration. I think we catch Dandy at a catharsis in his own life, so he’s figuring out as we are.”

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