Powder and glaze

Hey beautifuls!

With spring not to far away (hallelujah!) we are seriously thinking on schemes and textures. This is like the donut of fashion here, candy colours either textured or shiny can really make your outfit sing.

One trend for SS15 is Candy colours and brights. A cute look that featured last year was plastic and metallic wear which is coming back with a vengeance.

Photo credit etsy, skirt by Akuma2636 at £36.16

This particular look is great if your wearing all one colour. Remember to mix up the fabrics to break it up.


Both photos from Polyvore

It’s always cool to mix colours such and green and yellow, totally screams sunshine! Mixing and matching can feel a little weird even unusual. Let’s face it, the enteral public are pretty boring when it comes to fashion and won’t even entertain looking fabulous for fear of ignorant remarks, glares for being different even grotty teens who wouldn’t know fashion if it jumped up and bit them on the rear end. Believe me there are loads of those why before it was popular i favoured wearing a fedora and was passed by some wanna be angst teens who just had to comment. Of course it was in fashion a month later! I didn’t let it bother me because 1. I was born in the 80’s, angst was the theme of my highschool years and was plastered over my tv screen and 2. I am an adult. I wear what I want, how I want and I have balls. Screw what some chav man or woman who never matured mentally out of highschool or some 13 year old snot who can barely hold their head up. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate young people, just the ones who see anything they are not brave enough to do themselves as wrong. I’m sure we all saw this growing up. Limitations set everywhere by people who had no business setting them. This holds true in fashion.


Picture credits Polyvore/H&M

Mixing and matching, not limited so neither should you be.

Sorry about the rant but it is much needed and when it comes to personal style I feel there are a LOT of negative influences telling you what they want you to be.

Okay rant over back to the fashion. Sometimes just a dash of colour will do. This girl has it on point and has a fantastic sense of style. See how her whit outfit is just transformed with this pink blazer.


Perfect for a family party. A vinyl powder blue midi skirt with a crisp white blouse. Of course you must allow for some bling.



Add a chunky necklace with minimal source jewellery elsewhere will give a maximum impact on the outfit with minimal effort.

These are options you can build on even add prints if the mood takes you.

Been a nice day for posts, so keep it funky, keep it frugal.

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