That 70’s Look

okay, so we are all totally diggin that groovy 70’s chic. But how to wear and what?

Well a great start is suede. There are two kinds. The rough kind that smells like the family dog after a successful nights begging at the dinner table, and the soft luxurious buttery feel of high grade that is the kind you want and need in your wardrobe. 

The cons of suede:

Okay so the problem with this item is that when it rains? You are screwed. So unless you invest in some waterproofing spray you can say bye bye to that lovely jacket. The best one to buy would be from an outdoorsy store which will only set you back around £7, so it’s worth it. 

The pro’s of Suede:

It’s warming in winter and cool in summer. It’s perfect really as you will be able to recycle this and will feature in autumn. 

The Jacket:

This jacket from Mango has a great 70’s feel. It will look fantastic with a trilby or a pair of big aviator sunglasses or rounded frames.

Want to go the extra mile? Why not a whole suede outfit?

This Asos special real leather looks spiffing with a big black sun hat and again I would add some circular sunnies for a truly groovy finish.

Wear with:

Denim, fur or feather trim (Faux!!), snake skin, floral or crazy pattern shirts.

Photo cred: boohoo vintage

And don’t be afraid to shake it up colour wise. You can get reds, greens, blues, and any other colours you can create a series of splendid looks.

Photo cred: Asos market place

I hope this gives you inspiration on how to create your vintage chic look and please feel free to send us pictures of your own inspired looks.

Funky Frugal


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